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Exhibitions 2013

Ian Berry - Denimu 21st November - 11th December 2013

Simon Brady: Catto Below 21st Novemeber - 11th December 2013

Philip Jackson 17th October - 14th November 2013

Peter Evans: Catto Below 17th October - 14th November 2013

Alain Bertrand 26th September - 14th October 2013

Pascal Garnier: Catto Below 26th September - 14th October 2013

Nicholas Verrall 5th - 24th September 2013

Liz Knox: Catto Below 5th - 24th September 2013

Barbara Myers 20th June - 18th July 2013

James Mortimer: Catto Below 20th June - 18th July 2013

Jeremy Kidd 30rd May - 18th June 2013

Susan Brown 2nd - 21st May 2013

Clive McCartney 11th-30th April 2013

David Schneuer 2nd - 21st May 2013

Jhuma Sharma Roy: Catto Below 11th-30th April 2013

Elena & Michel Gran 7th March 2013

Steve des Landes: Catto Below 7th March 2013

Bogdan Molea 7th February 2013

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