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Jhuma Sharma Roy

Living in a social and civilized world I became part of a fast and restless life. When I think about my work it's clear that I've always had the dedication and passion towards a sense of emotion for the relation created between people and their surroundings, including Mother Nature and how thay connected with life on this planet. They almost become one, fusing into each other; their personal thoughts, their relations, emotions, conversations and sacrifices.

Emotions are always related to colours and work out a perfect balance together. My works are mostly a combination of these two main concepts: colour and emotion. Colours help me convey my mental states into the world of a mystic saga. Each colour I use has its own meaning and characters. For me the theme is immensely important and it helps me through my journey into my own world of folklore and dreams. I always like to paint animals and birds within the company of humans and nature. Any sometimes they come in a different symbolical and emotional meaning.