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Latest News

Ian Berry - Denimu

Ian Berry in The Sunday Times

Our very own Denimu artist Ian Berry had a two-page spread in the Style section of the Sunday Times this week.

Pictures of his amazing artworks, made exclusively in Denim ran alongside an interview with Ian where he talked about how he first got into producing his unique works of art.

According to the article, Ian is unlikely to run out of materials anytime soon, as he is sent hundreds of pairs of jeans from all over the world, and finds bags of denim left on his doorstep from his neighbours in Sweden.

All good news for us, as his upcoming show is predicted to be a huge hit with collectors and fans alike.

Ian’s show opens at The Catto Gallery on 21 November.

Ian Berry

This is the latest picture we have of Denimu artist Ian Berry working from his studio in Sweden. 

It shows him literally swamped in denim shirts, trousers and skirts as he creates more amazing works of art for his show at the Catto Gallery in November.

Philip Jackson

Consisting of seven, nine foot figures depicting the crew of a heavy bomber, the Bomber Command Memorial was unveiled in Green Park, London 2012 by Her Majesty the Queen to great critical acclaim.

We are thrilled to be showing the maquette in Philip's exhibition this September along with his other remarkable sculptures.

Ian Berry on ITV Tonight image

Ian Berry on ITV London Tonight

Ian Berry’s exhibition at the Catto Gallery in 2012 was an instant sell-out. Now the world is catching on to the guy who has made a career out of turning jeans into works of art.

Ian conjures remarkably detailed portraits and urban landscapes using nothing more than discarded denim jeans. The effect is extraordinary.

Click here to view his interview on ITV London Tonight.

Chuck Elliot Generator Exhibition image

Chuck Elliott - Generator Exhibition

Chuck Elliott’s dazzling exhibition of kaleidoscopic images runs until 21st December 2012.

To create these arresting, digitally-created works, Chuck uses scientific ideas to generate lyrical visual poetry. He’s interested in symmetry, asymmetry and the fundamental patterns of nature. 

To hear more about how Chuck creates his work click here and listen to the man himself: 

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