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Nicholas Verrall: September 2013

If the Catto Gallery had a secret top 10 chart that somehow audited public interest in our artists (we don't), then Nicholas Verrall would be right up at the top. Nick first exhibited with us in 1991 and this new show is his tenth. You could say he's back by public demand because Nick's paintings sell consistently across the years. They're evergreens – a little ironic given how much his work explores the changing of the seasons.

The new pieces will delight the collectors who have made Nick one of the UK's most loved painters. Once again, he takes us on a sensuous journey across Europe's most beautiful locations such as Venice, Provence, Normandy, Dartmoor.

And journey is an apposite word here. We follow the artist across the continent and also through the calendar. We could start with Snow in St Mark's Square, a harmonious study in chilly blue, then progress to Tuscan Spring with its hillside village offset by a field of blazing floral orange. Later we could explore Teign Weir, Dartmoor, a delicious composition that combines rich greens and aqueous blues, then move on to Autumn Balcony, Provence. The latter is close to a 'trademark' Verrall with its pretty pinks bathed sumptuously in late evening light.

Of course, it takes a lifetime of study to achieve the effortless radiance of work like this. And Nick has applied himself assiduously in over four decades as a professional painter. His career in art took off soon after leaving art school where had studied Fine Art & Illustration at the Northampton School of Art. Firstly working for a short period in picture conservation and restoration before demand for his own paintings led to his full time commitment as a professional artist.

Success was virtually instant. His first one man show was held at the Upper Grosvenor Gallery in 1971, and it wasn’t long before Nick's skill and talent was recognised by the Royal Academy in multiple exhibitions. His work has also been hung regularly by the Royal Society of British Artists since 1978, being made a member of the RBA and ROI in 2009.

From the 1990s to the present day his paintings have been shown in many prestigious galleries and exhibitions in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and America. Prints of his work have been sold by Ikea, WH Smith and the Art Group. And Nick is even passing on his knowledge, having authored an acclaimed book “Colour In Light And Oils” in 2008.

You could read it. Or you could just come to NW3 to see for yourself the peerlessly gorgeous work of Nick Verrall, back for a tenth time at the Catto.

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