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Susan Brown: Exhibition May 2013

Perhaps it's no surprise given the architectural flavour of her work that Susan Brown is a graduate not in fine art but in Three Dimensional Design. There's a pleasing mathematical clarity in Susan's wonderful architectural studies, and also in her more abstract works. That's not to say they're dry. Far from it. It's just that the artist's obvious understanding of form gives her freedom to loosen things up. And she does so beautifully.

The Catto is very happy to have snapped up Susan for her first 'Catto Below' show. She has a growing fan base and has been the recipient of many prizes including: The Laing Art Competition; Hunting Art Prize, Regional Winner; Penrose Purchase Prize 2005 and many more. The collectors admire her for the way her work examines the urban environment and our relationship with it.

But there's also a pure painterly exuberance in these acrylics and watercolours. The colours, textures and patterns just seem to sing. This is how Susan herself describes the co-existence of rational and emotional in her paintings: "I see my work falling into two areas: the real and the unseen.

"The first area is a figurative recording of life, predominantly through architectural studies exploring the mathematics, rhythm and movement within structures and the relationship between man and his built environment.

"The 'unseen' deals with abstraction and is influenced and inspired by landscape and events with a focus on texture and pattern. This induces an emotional response."

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